Triathlon coaching.

Triathlon coaching.

Whether you want to get faster or go longer, our aim is to provide a fair and efficient platform for remote coaching and we pride ourselves on an exceptionally high standard of coaching.

Our coaches genuinely care about the athletes they are working with and from this core principle of care, our coaches must all complete britisths triathlon level 2 coaching education and keep up to date with CPD,to ensure they meet the professional standards of coaching we expect.

Blending empathy, science and experience, our coaches are on hand to help you go a little faster, reach the next performance step higher or be a little stronger, all in an environment and culture where you feel empowered to challenge yourself.

Online Coaching provides athletes with a personal coach and tailor-made training sessions designed to suit every individual’s aims, ability and schedule. KLJ Coaching coaches cater for athletes of all ages, abilities and levels of competency. Each coach spends time getting to know their athlete, the way they train, what motivates them, their strengths/weaknesses and their weekly schedule in order understand them fully. 

At KLJ we developed plans for events such as:

  • Ironman
  • Double Ironman
  • SwimRun
  • Olympic Triathlon
  • Duathlon & Cross Duathlon
  • Sprint Triathlon
  • 70.3 / Middle Distance Triathlon
  • Time Trials
  • Road Racing (Cat 4-1)
  • Road & Trail Running (all distances)
  • Ice swimming

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