Sports perferformance

Sports perferformance

A sports performance conditioning programme is designed to enhance fundamental physical capacities while providing a means of injury risk reduction. At KLJ Coaching, we specialise in the individuals to aid them achieve their full potential.

The first step is to complete a comprehensive needs analysis to determine the physiological and biomechanical demands of your sport. This is followed by undertaking a performance testing battery to ensure your training provision is individualised and adaptation led, seamlessly integrating testing and training.

A variety of training modes are included with a focus on athletic development. Programmes are suitable for both elite athletes and weekend warriors alike who wish to enhance sports performance or are aiming to return to play following an injury.

Education is also an important component, so that individuals can confidently understand and adopt the fundamental training principles and apply them in their own environments.

What is included:

  1. Performance testing and routine monitoring:
  • Movement screening
  • Power profiling
  • Strength diagnostics
  • Aerobic capacity assessment
  1. Individualised strength & conditioning programme*
  • 6, 8 and 12 week blocks available. Sessions can also be tailored and performed remotely at your training location/ gym. There is also an option for sessions to be delivered in a small group (up to 4 people) format, but each person will follow an individualised programme based on their baseline test performance.

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